Getting to Generation-Us! Article on Understanding Gen Y

This post is from an article I came across yesterday about perceptions and realities of working with Gen Y employees. I have worked with some students and young employees that worked very hard and created excellent results, so this information is not to create a broad idea of everyone in that age group.

It may help some managers understand the enviornment that many of our graduating students grew up in. It also helps the younger employees get an idea of how they are perceived.

Take for example below the idea of many of them being “Spoiled/Entitled”.

“Perception: Spoiled/Entitled

Reality: To an extent, the folks in this generation do have a sense of entitlement, but it’s not an entirely inherent personality flaw but partly the fault of Baby Boomer parents who coddled their children, constantly telling them how special they were and that anything they sought was possible, and rewarding them for every little thing, providing trophies and prizes simply for participating. These parents stunted their children’s growth by proactively removing all obstacles and potentially negative experiences.

So, yes, on the surface Generation Y workers appear entitled.

The key for employers is approaching younger workers differently, providing constructive criticism that reflects confidence in them.

Generation Y workers must realize that their bosses are not going to be like theirr parents, and that part of growing as an employee is learning from past mistakes and accepting constructive criticism.”, by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Again this article isn’t to create a general idea of a generation. I think it helps everyone to see the perceptions.

I think this young generation has a lot to offer, and we can harness the  talents Gen Y has to offer by engaging them. The closer we get to understanding each other, we get closer to becoming GenerationUs!

Generation-Us is the future where we put down labels, seize the talents of all team members, and refocus on the purpose of the organization.

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