Can We Be More Creative than Job Cuts for Business Success?

Tonight I was watching the news and heard about another cost cutting plan which requires job cuts.

I beleive our politicians believe that they have the countries best interest at heart. The current challenges are forcing politicians as well as businesses to make swift decisions to see fast results. In tough times its easy to loose faith, however there are alternatives to cutting jobs.

As you have read here before, if we look at some of the lessons from the past we can find some solutions to our current challenges. Again layoffs create morale problems to the remnant that remains and that creates a further negative sentiment toward our businesses and government.

What if we engaged with the people we were talking about cutting and sought solutions “with them”.

In the article I referenced in the blog, employees were sought to volunteer for paycuts or the option of part time. Rather than making the deccision for the body of what would happen. Why dont we see what the body may be willing to contribute? That means employees may be able to count on there fellow man to help retain each other. I believe we live in a country that would support each other. The blog post I referenced above is proof of that.

Again, it’s not just politicians that fall into this. Its manager and leaders that want to produce fast results when they are pressed. My challenge to managers as well as politicians is can we do better? We don’t have to rush to contribute to unemployment and layoff current employees. Engage and consult with your staff to come up with solutions.

Even though we currently face the fire of the economic challenges, have faith in the idea that there may be another way. The status quo does not have to stand.

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