Gen Y Millenial Soak Up What You Can, While You Can

 One of the hottest topics in the work place is the young professionals under 30, also known as Generation Y or Millennials’.

One of the consistent complaints I hear from managers is that many of the Gen Y employees seem entitled. I understand, because I was perceived the same way when I first began pursuing jobs. I wish I had a story that I learned lessons and had this great prospering future, but truth be told I had to mess up a lot of interviews and opportunities until I got, which was late.

I would challenge a new employee to learn as much as they can from people who have been there and done it. You have skills and a new education, but ask yourself would you put your under age sibling behind the wheel of a car? No, you wouldn’t!

I have been in that position driving a car, underage, and with a passenger. It was overwhelming because I didn’t have enough time behind the wheel.

It’s true for you as well asking for a high position that you are not ready to do. You don’t have enough time behind the wheel. Its not to be insulting. Hopefully you know employers want you to be successful. Their success comes if you do well. Soak up what you can from them.

As Baby Boomers begin retiring, the clock is ticking on their time in the work place. Learn as much as you can while the knowledge is still there. There has not been a perfect generation; however we have lived on the backs on much of the success, technology and freedoms that Baby Boomers (and Traditionals) have provided. 

You are right times are different and we are all captivated by the illusion that success comes easy. Keep in mind that we could not have “these times”, without the times and the people that created them.

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