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Use Inhouse Resources for New Solutions

With economic uncertainty and less resources available, fill new opportunities with resources you already have. This is R&D and product development on a budget. As you dialog with your team and discover customer insights, seek to serve those new Read […]

Can We Be More Creative than Job Cuts for Business Success?

Tonight I was watching the news and heard about another cost cutting plan which requires job cuts. I beleive our politicians believe that they have the countries best interest at heart. The current challenges are forcing politicians as well as businesses Read […]

Alternatives to Layoffs: Doing More with Less

Alternatives to Layoffs We can develop trust and maintain morale if we engage our teams. Economic downtowns vary in length, maybe about 9-11 months. So if you maintain your team, when the turnaround comes, you dont have to go into […]

What’s Wrong with Thinking in Your Box for Success?

Doing More with Less: What’s Wrong with Thinking In Your Box? Why is it common place to always look outside for answers. Think outside the box, blah, blah. I forgot, blah. What’s wrong with your box? Nothing! It has become […]

Do More With Less! Save Money on Timing!

Save Money on Timing When the recession came, I was able to sell my last investment house at a great price because of our market. Contrary to media point of view, recession isn’t gloom and doom time, its stock up […]