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Create A Community of Open Communication

Engage your team with dialogue. Your employees have the most customer contact and are a wealth of knowledge about what’s going on in your market. During these challenging times you don’t want any opportunities missed because of one-way communication. Read more […]

What’s Wrong with Thinking in Your Box for Success?

Doing More with Less: What’s Wrong with Thinking In Your Box? Why is it common place to always look outside for answers. Think outside the box, blah, blah. I forgot, blah. What’s wrong with your box? Nothing! It has become […]

Lessons For Managers from The Five Love Languages?

Lessons For Managers from The Five Love Languages? Lets visit Chapter 4. Words of affirmation. At first this made me laugh, but it’s a reminder about how important it is to affirm the people around us. The story about the lady […]

Maintain Peace in the Work Enviornment

Have your ever been in a work environment where team members or managers openly called out another team members faults to embarrass them? Have you seen situations where managers allowed employees to be rude to clients? The problem with both […]

Inspirational Leadership is an Inside Job

Simply put, inspirational leaders lead from the inside. I have been blessed to have examples of managers and leaders that were hands on and were willing to work with the team to make things happen. I remember Ernest at Norwest […]