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What’s Wrong with Thinking in Your Box for Success?

Doing More with Less: What’s Wrong with Thinking In Your Box? Why is it common place to always look outside for answers. Think outside the box, blah, blah. I forgot, blah. What’s wrong with your box? Nothing! It has become […]

The Price of Success Will Never Be on Sale

 The Price of Success Will Never Be on Sale   The price of success will never be on sale. This was an adjusted quote my Dad said when he was fighting for civil rights. He said, “The price of freedom […]

3 Keys to Mental Toughness, Part 1

1. Expect to have set backs. None one is immune to problems. Everyone has set backs and challenges at some point. Failure and difficult times are a part of the long term journey of success. Knowing ahead of time that […]

Bigger Thinking, Bigger Success!

One of my favorite bible verses is Roman 8:37, We are more than conquerors to Him who loves us. This idea allows your mind to think deeper, broader, larger. It gives you the ability to be personally and professionally agile. […]

Still not successful? Enough is enough!

The title is not what you think it is. Enough is enough refers to you making sure you are doing what is necessary to be successful. Enough is what it is. Anything less than enough, is not enough. Ask yourself, […]

How to Relax After Work

I am currently involved in a leadership program that is year round. During the program we were administered a test to identify qualities about ourselves, including whether we were more introverted or extroverted. The facilitator, Dr. Lewis, concluded Read more [...]

5 Steps to Success Against Overwhelming Odds

Many years ago my father was one of a few students elected to represent his student body in the planning and leading of the freedom struggle in Atlanta. After freedom rides, sit in’s, and other non-violent protest, against incredible odds, […]