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Leadership article featured in Texas Meetings Magazine:

Do you want your next speaker to talk during the entire keynote? Robert creates interactive keynote programs designed around your program goals. During the programs, audience interaction is by way of games, discussion, demonstration, and team building activities.

 Robert will move at your tempo and be flexible with the changes that come during meetings. In a bind, Robert can also step in last minute as an emcee and bring a witty, yet distinguished personality to your program.

Why consider Robert for your next meeting or conference?

Audiences can learn how to create and appreciate major positive paradigm shifts in personal and professional environments. The audience will enjoy listening to presentations that are engaging, informative and humorous. Robert is an award winning motivational speaker and has won awards from Toastmasters International, including Humorous, International and Table Topic awards.

What makes Robert different from other motivational speakers?

Robert is not just a motivational speaker with a story. Audiences can gain insight from someone who has had “real world” business experience from every aspect. Robert has been an employee, the boss, the supplier/service provider, and the customer and can be an objective third party. Audiences can gain insight on how “the other side” thinks.

In addition to inspirational stories, the audience will walk away with fresh strategies to increase productivity and add to the bottom line.

How can Robert make us successful?

Robert knows how to win and recover from loss! Robert has helped an event planning start up go from unknown to one of the top companies in the industry.

Robert also has been a successful investor. Audiences gain a real life example of what it takes to make money and be successful from a variety of disciplines. In addition, Robert stays abreast of strategies corporations and leaders are using to be successful.

Robert has also seen defeat and triumph as a Martial Artist. He can help your audience go from challenge to breakthrough, figuratively as well as literally. If your organization has seen defeat, your team can learn how to recover and regain success.

Robert Felder is a motivational business speaker, investor and award-winning martial artist known for delivering high-energy performances that inspire audiences to embrace innovative change in the workplace. Robert is passionate about teaching strategies for creating positive paradigm shifts in personal and professional environments and has worked with firms including Hewlett Packard, GlaxoSmithKline and Toshiba.

Robert travels from San Antonio, TX

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